Which stylesheet element do I need to edit?

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Which stylesheet element do I need to edit?

Postby uk_martin » Mon May 03, 2010 7:53 pm

Hi again

I'm finally closing in on my target but there are some final tweaks that I need to do:

Taking this page as an example: http://www.brummiesfans.com/main/viewto ... ?f=2&t=227

Apart from plain text being in black, elsewhere, the rule of thumb is that red (#d00000) text goes against a yellow (#ffdd00) background and vice versa. The snag is when elements such as "Administrator" in the profile block are grey and seem to defy all style sheets in staying grey. The same goes for the Jump-to and Quick-Mod Links, just above the footer. What have I missed? What controls the colour of this grey text? How can I change them?

Also, how do I create a new style for a. links? Currently links are yellow (#ffdd00) which turn (#ff0000) on hover. This is all well and good when the links are against the red background, but some aren't. I need to add a style / class for links on a yellow background that are red (#d00000) which turn (#ff0000) on hover. The problem is that I have no idea which stylesheet to use, nor how to change the HTML pages from one standard link to a "non-standard" link.

Any help on these points would be appreciated.



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Re: Which stylesheet element do I need to edit?

Postby cisco007 » Tue May 04, 2010 1:46 am

you would have to go and check, common.css, colours.css, content.css, and links.css seach through those, to find anything to do with rank, links and/or hover, and change the colors accordingly! I can't really say exactly which edit you have to do since I am not currently near my work, but just keep searching it's all trial and error, just make sure you keep a backup!

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