Can you do this mod?

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Can you do this mod?

Post by Avdon » Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:11 pm

Can you do this mod for me?:
Actually they are more than just a single mod. I'll tell you about the one which I need the most for now:
1- Example: If the Warning duration is (10 days), and a user receive a Warning in 1 Jun (so he has 1 warning in his record), and in 5 Jun he receive another warning (so he has 2 warnings in his record), then in 11 Jun he will has only 1 warning in his record because the first warning has expired. What I want is he to still has 2 warnings in his record till 16 Jun (when the second warning should expire).. but if he receive another warning in 15 Jun then he will still has 3 warnings till 25 Jun (when the third warning should expire).. and so on.
So, if :
Warning expiration (day W) is Xn
Warning is Yn
Y1 + (befor X1) Y2 + (befor X2) Y3 will all expired in X3 if Y4 didn't come before X3.
I hope I could make myself clear.

2- I'm using auto group mod. I set auto groups based on conditions (warnings and posts), In two auto groups I need this extra condition:
While a user is in these groups, he has to post X posts before he can go out this group. And that is with keeping the original conditions, for going out the group, but without these original conditions for staying in the group.
Example: auto group B:
Minimum warnings points 3
Maximum warning points 9999
Then, if a user has 3 warnings he'll join the group automatically and he'll leave it when he has less than 3 warnings in his record. But I want him to stay in this group until he has less than 3 warnings and has posted X posts since he joined this group.

But I also want to have the other auto groups with only the original conditions (without the extra condition).

These things are parts of a more complicated system I use in my board. I can explain the whole system if that helps.
If you can do it, then how much it will cost?

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