Help with installing Language Pack (split)

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Help with installing Language Pack (split)

Post by candie111 »

I'm having the same problem. It seems there is contradictory installation directions. Elsewhere, it's suggested one installs the .zip archive (unzipped, but with it's subdir structure) into the phpBB root. My American English language pack had duplicate top and 1rst level subdirectories:



\language and \styles

The ACP fails to find this to install.

I'd appreciate more clarity and accuracy, PLUS how to handle it if one is using a site style other than prosilver or subsilver2.


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Re: Help with installing Language Pack (split)

Post by cisco007 »

you should have a en folder for the language, and a en imageset for the style, the style should be the same, unless you are using en_GB, i think that is the name, then you should have a en, en_gb folder in your language folder and a en, en_gb folder in your styles imageset folder!
if you are using a style other than subsilver or prosilver, maybe that other style does not contain the new language folder that you are using in that case you must also upload what ever language folder you downloaded to the new styles imagaset folder!

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