cash mod problem

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cash mod problem

Post by vytiokas » Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:04 am

Hello forum friend , me english is not so good , then try understand what i want to say you .

i get problem when i try install cash mod Title:

Cash MOD

Customizable rewards system.
Allows board users to receive cash for posting, replies, voting, polls and attachments.
Everything is customizable through the ACP and with permissions (Forum permissions)
You can receive any of the above mentioned rewards based on what is selected in the permissions.
Donate cash to other users.
Configurable amounts and currencies to receive for each of the available rewards.

1 0 0 B1
Installation Level:

Installation Time:


problem is

Code: Select all


Tip: This may be a partial find and not the whole line.
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<td colspan="<!-- IF U_SORT_ACTIVE -->{:%1}<!-- ELSE -->


Tip: This allows you to alter integers. For help on what each operator means, click here.
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{:%1} + 1
but in me

styles/prosilver/template/memberlist_body.html only exist code .

Code: Select all

					<td colspan="<!-- IF U_SORT_ACTIVE -->5<!-- ELSE -->4<!-- ENDIF -->">&nbsp;</td>
how can i instal this mod ??? if i can't find what i need , i'm using prosilver template :?

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Re: cash mod problem

Post by cisco007 » Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:44 pm

can we get a link to your forum to see what style you are using? or are you using the default subsilver style?

by the way don't know if you saw this post! ... 59#p123859

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