ModphpBB3 FAQ

These are the details (copied over from the old main site) on how to install ModphpBB3 and FAQ.
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ModphpBB3 FAQ

Post by LDM » Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:11 pm

What is ModphpBB3?
ModphpBB3 is a fully modifed phpBB3 Gold script, and is put together for those starting new forums. It may be an easier option as alot of modifications that forum admin use are already integrated with the superb phpBB script.

Where can I download Modphpbb3?
The script has a free download option within this websites download page.

Is it easy to install?
Very easy, and although I will eventually build an installer, it installs the same way at present, alike many other forum scripts. Full install instructions can be found here at this site.

Are both default phpBB3 Styles modded?
Both Prosilver and Subsilver2 are modded and are both in package.

Why is the download called BETA, when phpBB 3 is Gold?
It's beta at the moment because a few of the modifications are still in Beta that are added to ModphpBB3. Also, some mods are still to be added to the script.

Is ModphpBB3 affiliated with phpBB?
No, phpBB is situated at, and the phpBB group are in no way affiliated with ModphpBB3. All their licenses can be found in the docs folder on download.

What modifications are currently installed on Modphpbb3?

Modifications are likely to change on each release, but at present:
ACP Announcement centre
Last Posts Titles
Phpbb Arcade
Phpbb Gallery
More BBCodes
Advertisement Mod
Who Was Here
Prime Notify PM
Notify Admin on Registration
Ajax Chat
Simple ACP PM Read
Prime Quick Reply
Contact Admin
Upcoming Birthdays
Ajax Shoutbox
Prime Warnings
ACP Add User
Change User's Post Count
Added RSS Feed
User Reminder Mod
Top posters on index
Email users on Birthday
Who Posted
Log New User
Prime Links (fixes external phpbb3 links)
Advanced meta tags
Highslide Image Attachment

This Version of 1.0.4 beta is in our Downloads area.

Is there a demo forum that is updated with each release?
Yes, by clicking on Demo above. You can use the test user by logging in as tester with the same password.

Where can I download Arcade games for my forum arcade?
You can download games through our Downloads sections in zip packs. You will need to register here to download those. Registry is free of course, and more packs are added over time.

Can I post support for my forum at this forum?
Yes, select the correct forum to post any questions, advice, tips, styles, mods and more. You will need to register at this site to post within the forum here.