ModphpBB3 1.0.5 Beta Dec 08

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ModphpBB3 1.0.5 Beta Dec 08

Post by LDM » Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:53 pm

We are pleased to announce download is now avaliable for the latest ModphpBB3 1.0.5 version.

This latest version includes updates to the modifications, some new modifications and the phpBB version updated to 3.0.4.

If you are looking to open a portal version, there will be a ModphpBB3 1.0.5 Portal version released this weekend using board3portal.

Please check the install topic to set up the latest 1.0.5 version and post within the correct forums if you have any questions.

Here is the current up to date list of what this version has:
ACP Announcement centre
Last Posts Titles
Phpbb Arcade
Phpbb Gallery
More BBCodes
Advertisement Mod
Who Was Here
Prime Notify PM
Notify Admin on Registration
Ajax Chat
Simple ACP PM Read
Prime Quick Reply
Contact Admin
Upcoming Birthdays
Ajax Shoutbox
Prime Warnings
ACP Add User
Change User's Post Count
Added RSS Feed
User Reminder Mod
Top posters on index
Email users on Birthday
Who Posted
Log New User
Prime Links (fixes external phpbb3 links)
Advanced meta tags
Highslide Image Attachments
Universal No Avatar
Topic in Who is Online
Ban List Mod
Activity Stats
User ID in Viewtopic
Advertisement Management
Country Flags
Forum Favourites
Added more bots