Trouble with Phpbb style theme

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Trouble with Phpbb style theme

Post by Raelptah »

Hi there everyone, im new here

I have experience in using "bigforumpro phpbb" and now working on my friends forum
phpbb Current version - 3.0.7-PL1-4 (Debian)

What id like to do is import the theme from my old bigforumpro phpbb (which is saved to desktop) into the phpbb one. Do i have to do this from the server side, or can i do this through the admin panel?

heres whats in my admin panel
General - Forums - Posting - Users and Groups - Permissions - Maintenance - System
... but no styles tab!!!!

If you can help that would be greatly appreciated.

Also at some point id like to put gallery, calander, ebay store on it - do they come as add ons?

Regards k :blink:
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Re: Trouble with Phpbb style theme

Post by cisco007 »

is the other phpbb forum you working on a regular phpbb forum you installed yourself?
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